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Cruise ships are on the rise, the advantages are significant being able to move around and even reroute avoiding disaster weather like hurricane Irma to having world class entertainment and relaxation on board.


What is a typical caribbean cruise ship circuit?

This is one example departing from San Juan in Puerto Rico a 10 day cruise.

It’s cruise ship day in San Juan Puerto Rico

But when you dock in island nations such as Antigua and Barbuda what can you do?

You are limited in that you really don’t want to miss your cruise ship!

Antigua has a rich sailing heritage and you can do some nice day tours around the island by water either sailing or by powerboat. You can also zip line through the rainforest and do other active activities. Of course if you are drooling for a beach then Antigua is perhaps one of the best places to go for the beach day.

Horse riding is available so too is an island safari. You can also go scuba diving! But some of the more UNIQUE and interesting tours and activities follow.

Swim with Stingrays

After the unfortunate death of Steve Irwin by stingray you might be thinking of skipping this tour but the owners of the tour were not at all worried. They are so sure such a thing cannot happen they fully guarantee it. While accidentally stepping on a ray is about the only thing that would trigger a reaction from the barbed tail so in fact your are shown how to shuffle across even though rays don’t allow you to get close to stepping on them at all normally. The chances of an injury exist its very low but death is extremely low. So this is a fascinating tour to do. You can do this tour as part of the Antigua Circumnavigation Boat Tour or as just the Antigua Stingray Tour

Segway Tour

Don’t fear if you have never been on one you can pick it up very quickly. The tour takes around an hour and a half and visits the beach and some old ruins around St James.

Snorkelling and Kayaking Combo

This also includes a visit to Bird Island where you get a bit of hiking in after your kayaking experience. The snorkelling follows that so you get a good variety of things to do. Returning to the house you get to drink a nice earned rum punch and banana bread (its amazing!) setting you up for the evening.
Life is Good!

Calvin fell in love with Antigua culture and has returned many times to the very british of Caribbean islands. He loves to blog about his experiences and share the best of Antigua on his website. Please lease visit and share the love of Antigua. If you are traveling to the island soon, you will need Antigua transfers to collect you from the airport.

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SINGER James Blunt knows a thing or two about love . . . so it’s no surprise he chose the Aphrodite Hills Hotel for a holiday in Cyprus.

The British musician, famous for No1 hit You’re Beautiful as well as a string of gorgeous girlfriends, spent a long weekend chilling out in the palatial luxury of a hotel which takes its name from the Greek goddess of love.

It’s certainly easy to adore the Aphrodite Hills. We found it was everything you’d expect from a five-star hotel-and more.

And you won’t have any tiffs over getting there either. It’s just a short drive from Paphos Airport on the western coast of Cyprus, and takes its name from a nearby bay, which is reputedly the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite.

While tourists flock to that bay, even though the beach is shingle, the area is wonderfully unspoilt. We drove out one day and found ourselves in the middle of a 300-strong herd of goats, complete with goatherd and dog.


Yet as soon as you drive through the imposing entrance archway to the Aphrodite Hills complex, you enter a world of luxury, peace and relaxation.

The reception and restaurant staff are always attentive, without being overbearing, and seem to anticipate your every need.

The pool is wonderfully relaxed, with plenty of sunbeds on even the busiest days, and more than enough space for families to spread out-handy for my brood of Imogen, 16, Madeleine, 13 and ten-year-old Fergus.

And the restaurant is a delight. We were half-board, so could have our pick of the evening buffet.

The choice of food is dazzling, with each night having a different theme-Greek, Asian, Italian, Moroccan . . . the range was endless and it tasted delicious.

But what really sets the hotel apart is the huge range of superb facilities. The rooms are beautifully furnished, and the marble bathrooms are fantastic, with state-of-the-art showers and baths big enough to swim in (well, nearly!)



Just a short walk from the main hotel is a small, purpose-built village with a selection of good restaurants and bars, a supermarket, couple of gift shops, a car hire office and crazy golf-in short, everything you need for a relaxing break in the sun.

A little further away is a fantastic golf course, with a splendid clubhouse, plus a tennis academy, five-star health spa and riding stables.

The golf course winds its way around the whole complex, which also includes private villas to buy or rent.

The highlight is the short seventh, where you take your life in your hands as you drive the buggy down a steep, winding path before hitting your tee shot across a rocky chasm to the green.

If you want to hone your shots you can take golf and tennis lessons with English-speaking professionals.

The hotel also offers horse-riding in nearby woodland. We’re no better than novice riders but we all felt very safe and well looked after when we took our first lesson.

The highlight of the holiday for Imogen and my wife Kerry was a morning in the world-famous Retreat Spa, recently voted the best in Europe.

They enjoyed a full thermae experience, featuring a range of hot and cold baths before a gentle massage and a drink by the tranquil pool.

The hotel also has TWO private beaches, with a frequent shuttle service to both.

The Cove is the more adult friendly, while Zia’s caters for families and is one of the few beaches which has any sand in western Cyprus.

The hotel is so good that it is quite difficult to tear yourself away and see more of the island.

Cyprus is very easy to get around though. They drive on the right but road signs are written in both English and Greek.

We spent a day driving through the Troodos Mountains, which are lush and green despite the drought which has plagued the island.

We also visited a few monasteries along the way and enjoyed the fantastic views back to the coast.

The town of Paphos, which is about a half-hour taxi ride from the hotel, has loads of bars and restaurants, all the nightlife you could want and a World Heritage Site called the Tombs of the Kings.

That might conjure up images of Egypt, but this is a Roman burial ground with fantastic underground chambers built over hundreds of years.

Visitors are free to roam wherever they want and the tombs provide brilliant hiding places for children.

But however good the other attractions of Cyprus might be, there really is no need to leave the pampered splendour of the Aphrodite Hills.

After all, if it was good enough for James Blunt AND the goddess of love . .


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Travel Deals on Spain Tourist Attractions

Everyone chooses their next holiday destination taking some aspects into account before making the decision, for example, the Spain tourist attractions. This is what makes a destination appeal in the eyes of the tourists, in your eyes.

Spain, as we all know, is a wonderful country, with everything to offer for each taste. Whether you want to relax and enjoy romantic dinners or have wild parties, you will find that Spain has the place for you. More and more people like you have started enjoying Spain and everything it has to offer, from breath taking scenery to bullfights and some of the best beaches in the world. In order to benefit from all these you will have to look for Holiday Deals in Spain. Well, look no further, as we can provide with the best deals available on the market today. From the cheapest packages to all inclusive offers on excursions, there is a travel deal to Spain for everyone out there.

To mention specific tourist attraction in Spain, besides those that are obvious, like Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona to the Balearic and Canary

Islands, you might enjoy some of the local traditions in northern areas of the country. People here are extremely inventive when it comes to free time activities. In some small cities in this region, once every year people hold a festival where the main activity is throwing tomatoes or oranges at one another. It is fun, but you have to be careful because a fast traveling orange can do a lot of damage.

We are sure that you will also be interested in another tourist attraction in Spain. If you want to enjoy a nice soccer match with your young son, you can do so, because in Spain, soccer is close to tradition and history. The ladies in the family will enjoy a nice shopping sessions in one of the many malls they can find around the city.

All in all, choosing one of our Spain travel deal packages will allow you to spend a well deserved holiday with your loved ones. We are glad to discuss the offers with you and adapt it to you specific needs. If you have any questions regarding Spain tourist attractions, just write a comment and they will be answered in no time.

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Very few places in the world capture the imagination like Stuttgart city. One of the most beloved cities of Baden-Württemberg.

The city has a growing population of well over 0.5 million, the wider region has close to 2.7 million inhabitants. Many young professionals choose to live here because of the abundance of jobs in high tech industries.livinginstuttgart

If you feel like this could be the city for you, you will want to check out the living in stuttgart blog. There are many articles on all the different activities which you can do there. Some will be more group related activities for people who are more extroverted and social. Others will be for more solo ‘lone wolf’ type characters.

Stuttgart has been one of the most welcoming cities for the recent Syrian refugees and many people have volunteered to take these people into their homes or have donated food or water.

In the surrounding area there are many opportunities to do hiking and other fun activities. There are many types of fine foods which can be eaten hear including the traditional German types and more exotic foods. 

The climate is not something to be envied or admired, it is fairly temperate all year rounds but can get quite cold in the winter, certainly different to Spain. 

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Are you looking for an exclusive tour with your family or friends? Are you bored with the mainstream vacation or tour packages? This is the time of the month when the weather of Spain is most favorable, and you will enjoy the visit to most of the places. But, it is very hard to get a package where you will enjoy the tour as well as it will also be worth the money you will be spending on it. While choosing the vacation, it becomes very hard to choose a particular place where you will get all the things like restaurants, bakeries, shopping malls as well as beautiful sights. If you are very confused and in a whole dilemma to choose a particular place, then the Tenerife Host is here to help you out. They are offering one of the best group tours by coach all over the island you will find. They are a company who are offering you the best offers on the popular places like Siam Park, Loro Parque and exciting trips on boats, hiking, Tenerife trips & much more. The primary focus of them is the satisfaction of the clients, and they are expert as well as experienced in handling their customers and provide them with the best possible offers ever.


About the Tenerife Island

The Tenerife Host is offering a lot of packages on traveling the Tenerife Island of Canary Island, Spain. The Tenerife is the largest of the other islands of Canary Island which are mainly a volcanic island, and it has some of the best sights you will ever enjoy. The climate and flora and fauna of this place are perfect for tours and vacations. If you are still not convinced for taking their tour service, then you should read the fun packages they offer on this island.

The packages Tenerife Host offers

They offer varieties of packages, for example, private tours, motorsports, bus sightseeing, trekking, hiking, car tour, boat trips, air travel, motorbike tour, water sports, amusement park tickets, bicycle rent, fishing tour, different shows and entertainment. They offer entry ticket at a very affordable price of 10 € in the amusement parks, for example, jungle parks, Loro Parque, Siam Park, etc. The motorbike and bicycle tour start from 5€ where you will take a trip to the island by renting the motorbike or bicycle from them. Bus sightseeing is a very exciting one which is 25€ in the price where you will be guided by the best tour guide see everything in the Tenerife island. There are shows and events like Flamenco show, Castle San Miguel show, etc. at a price of 49€. The paragliding and helicopter tours are around 89€ in the price where you will be amazed to see the breathtaking beauty of the island from high above the ground. Fishing tours are best for the people who love fishing, and it starts from 69€. We can guarantee you that the trekking and hiking tours are the best one, and it costs 35€. They offer discounts if you travel in a group. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and enjoy your vacation this year in the serene beauty of Tenerife.

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Coworking in the Sun has opened this year in Puerto de la Cruz. It is a business which is focused on offering affordable work locations for travelers and digital nomads. Here, coworkers will be able to meet like-minded people from all over the world, which presents opportunities for networking. It is also a suitable location to explore the rest of the island, which offers such a wide variety of landscapes to explore, also to practice your Spanish!

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When it comes to cycling, it is simply not enough that you have all the right cycling gears known to man kind. In order to enjoy a road cycling holiday in Spain fully, you also have to know the right cycling trek that will bring you the most enjoyment and benefits. Below are some tips that can help you pick the right trek for you.

Consider the roughness or the smoothness of the cycling trek. It can be very tiresome to trek on a rough road. Trekking on a smooth road on the other hand might not be able to give you the thrill that you are looking for. This is why you should choose carefully. Also, your bike should be able to withstand the rough terrains. Your bike should not only have durable wheels but also a sturdy overall body as well.

The cycling trek should be not too long or too short. You should always take note of the distance when it comes to choosing. If you’re planning to choose a long cycling trek, be prepared with all the necessities such as water. Also, your stamina should not be an issue. Don’t push yourself too hard by choosing a cycling trek that is too long. On the other hand, you should not just stop at short treks either. It is always better to go out of your comfort zone and explore new miles.

If you are trying out a new cycling trek, it is best to map out the area before rolling out. You should be able to figure out the roads, paths and all the necessary landmarks so that you won’t get lost. Although it’s fun to explore new places, getting lost is not really that enjoyable especially if it is a hot day.

Also, be aware of certain road and building constructions that may pose a threat to your safety. It is best to find out if the cycling trek that you are planning to ride on is undergoing some sort of construction or maintenance. This way, you will be extra careful and you won’t be caught off guard if something falls on the road in front of you.

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Whether you are a frequenter or going to Atlanta for the very first time you need to have an idea of what to do once you get there. In this editorial are four fascinating places to visit and things to do in Atlanta GA, read on to discover!

  1. Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Want to get a chance to see art at its best? Then among the things to do in Atlanta GA this month, is to visit Atlanta dogwood festival. This is because the festival offers an opportunity for attendees to view and peruse the handmade sculpture, pottery, jewelry, paintings and many more. Moreover the three-day festival also gives people the chance to hear live music from blues and pop artist, as well as live jam bands. The full schedule of entertainment and music will be announced soon. Furthermore, there is food in plenty, a wide array of delicacies; gyros, crab cakes, kettle corns and much more.

  1. World of Coca Cola

For a more wonderful experience in Atlanta GA, visit the world’s largest and most famous beverage brand at the World of Coca Cola. Located next to the Georgia aquarium at Pemberton place in downtown Atlanta, World of Coca Cola offers a wide variety of entertainment options and attractions. There you will get to see over 100 coca cola artifacts and memories. What’s more is that, in there you will get the opportunity to see the bottling process, watch a 6-minute film of people of different cultures from all over the world celebrating some of the most memorable moments with coca cola, learn the interesting history of coca cola including the secret recipe and formula behind this famous beverage.



  1. Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta

If you love history, religion travel and leisure, then one of the things to do in Atlanta this year is to visit Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta. Did you know that DR. Martin Luther King was baptised in this church? And that he and his son were pastors in this church for several years? Yes, they did. This is even more reason to visit this sacred place to watch history unveil. There is way too much history in this place than you may think. To get it into details, first visit the MLK movie across the street and then come back to this church and all the history here will make a lot of sense to you.

  1. Piedmont Park

Other than history, religion, festival and exhibitions, Piedmont Park has something unique you will really love! And that is a place to relax and spend a lazy afternoon. If you are looking for a place to have a picnic, piedmont park is just one perfect place for you! At this park, you will get everything you need. Be it fishing, swimming, fitness, biking, basketball, volleyball, park tours, skating, playgrounds food and beverage name it, all of these are available at the piedmont park. Whatever it is you want to do on one lazy afternoon just visit Piedmont Park, thank me later.

The four fascinating places have several things to do in Atlanta GA, visit any or all of them for a wonderful experience of your life. You can go for a picnic, refreshments, watch live bands and music performance from your favorite artists as well as seeing art of various kinds; photography, paintings, pottery and much, much more!


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Many travelers visiting Spain will be interested in learning about resorts in Spain. There is something to say about backpacking across Spain or staying in one of its many fine hostels, hotels or villas. However, many just want to relax and take in the many comforts of one of the many resorts in Spain such as Marriott’s Marbella beach resort or one of the many other all inclusive Spain resorts complete with beautiful swimming pool, luxury hotels and spa. These can be found in Ibiza, Barcelona and many other places in Spain.

Spain Resorts – The Golf Resort Many visiting Spain will be interested in staying at a golf resort so they can take in their favorite hobby. If this is the case you may be interested in one of the many luxury resorts that are found in Andalusia. One example of this is the Marbella Club Hotel with its traditional styling that does not skimp on luxury. A more modern approach can be found at the Atalaya Park Golf Hotel and Resort. This one is also a little friendlier on the pocketbook. One of the more popular choices, and expensive, is the 5 star resort called Fairplay Golf Hotel and Spa. While staying here, you may want to take in the Valderrama Golf Club. This is a Robert Trent Jones planned

This is a Robert Trent Jones planned course that is over 6800 yards. This course hosts the Volvo Masters each year. Another good thing about staying at a golf resort for your vacation is the opportunity to receive a discount on golf or the stay by being able to bundle things together. When booking these see if you can reduce your price or rates. Spain Resorts – Ibiza Ibiza is one of a popular holiday island in Spain that attracts tons of visitors every year. It is known for its nightlife, fabulous shopping and countless restaurants.. But, it is also known for some fabulous resorts.


One of the more popular ones is Es Canar. It is about 25 km from Ibiza town and sits on a breath taking beach. Another resort, Playa d’ en Bossa is a little closer to Ibiza Town; about 5 km. Its beach is the biggest one on Ibiza. Lastly, you can check out Cala Llonga. This resort is on the east coast of Ibiza just north of Ibiza town. Spain Resorts – Orihuela Coast The Orihuela Coast is another beautiful area of Spain boasting beautiful 5 star resorts. About 20 km from Orihuela you can find the resorts of Playa Flamenca and Punta Prima. There is a great deal of development going on in these areas making them even more attractive every year. Nearby you will find the town of Torrevieja which has shopping and Aquopolis which is a popular waterpark. Playa Flamenca has undergone a great deal of development since the 70s. It became popular with investors in the 1980s and the area has undergone a revival of sorts with its amazing shopping and nightlife; not to mention the beautiful beach. To the south of these areas you can find La Zenia, Cabo Roig and Campaomor.

As you can see the Orihuela Coast has plenty to offer for those visiting Spain for its amazing resorts. Spain Resorts – Mallorca Our last stop takes us to Mallorca where we can find some more beautiful resorts in one of Spain’s holiday region in the Baeliric Islands. Magaluf is one of the first resorts in Spain. Today it is one of the most popular resort destinations for the budget-minded traveler. It has a great nightlife, but is also popular with families and older visitors. The resort can be found between Palma Nova and Torrenovaa Headland, and the beach is fantastic. About 15km to the west of Palma you can find Palma Nova. This is a more upscale resort, but is still budget friendly. It has three beaches with one of the more popular ones being Platha de Carregador. This resort is more family friendly with many theme parks in the area. On the Platja de Santa Ponsa beach youwill find Sata Ponsa resort. Again, this area has beautiful beaches and is known for its popular nightlife options. The largest and most up to date resort here is Callo Millor. It is found on the east coast of the island and is known for its expansive beach and family friendly atmosphere. Be sure to check out the Zoo Safari nearby and the many golf options. As you can see you will not be without options when looking for resorts in Spain. This country has dedicated much of its tourism efforts to reaching a diverse range of visitors and that includes the ones that enjoy the resort life when they travel on tour. 

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Advanced Diving Skills for travellers

And if you want to further your skills and experience on scuba diving, then you can always choose to improve yourself and increase your knowledge. It is always a matter of choosing to be excellent and have that drive to have the effort to seek better ways of doing things.

Given that you’re really interested on scuba diving, and you already have known the basics, then you already go and proceed to the advanced skills only a few know of. It is an edge over others but don’t do this to gain that advantage – that is only a bonus. What is more important is that you choose to be excellent in this field and you want to make yourself better at it.

Going into the advanced skills of diving, neutral buoyancy is one major thing you need to master. You have to have that buoyancy control.
You can also try to learn the ropes. Ropes actually come useful when you are diving and penetrating in wrecks. Knowing how to use the ropes in the right situations will help you succeed and explore more of what you want to see.


You also have to learn the anti-silt techniques, which you will find eventually of big help. Silt, composed of decaying vegetation or clay, causes the area to be blurry and nearly invisible. It actually poses a threat and a hazard to divers as it greatly affects the visibility of the area. What you must know is the right fin to do once you see yourself in a similar situation.

And what if you are trapped in a closed space underwater, in a part of a wreck perhaps? That’s surely a big trouble. You also have to master “the art of escape” – what is the right thing to do and when is the right time to do it.

Of course, nobody says you should master all these things overnight. It is to challenge you to break beyond the basics and learn something new for yourself. With constant hard work, you can become a master of scuba diving.

And of course, you can be a better scuba diver if you read more of these things.

Atlantis Scuba Diving

Av. La Gawiota 1, lok A3, 38686 La Arena, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Teléfono:671 40 89 70
Diving Atlantis blog.

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The islands that comprises Hawaii are tourist magnets and everybody receives a warm welcome. It is bewitching to lie on a beach and chill but there are lots of activities in Hawaii for the energetic. Its wildlife, volcanoes and coast make it one of the most attractive destinations in the world. There are various establishments that specialize in specific pursuits. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at something since you will get excellent tuition from professional instructors and guides.

Visiting friends or family or leaving them for a holiday? You might be interested in a gift Idea like barbie and ken.

There are various ways to view the islands and the best way to move around quickly is by helicopter. Helicopter tours are very well-known as they offer spectacular views. The pilots are keen to share their local ideas and it’s a wonderful way of seeing a volcano at close quarters! There are tours to the various islands of Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Big Island.

Wildlife In Activities In Hawaii

Locations that organize activities in Hawaii

Anyone who has experienced, swimming with dolphins will understand what an incredible meeting it is. One of the locations that organize this activity in Hawaii is at Sea Life Park at Makapuu Point, close to Waikiki. The swim lasts for 30 minutes and you could get your photo taken with the dolphin. It’s also a fun place to view animal displays with sea lions and penguins.

Other companies run trips that incorporate a number of activities in Hawaii. It’s possible to ride on a boat trip that caters swimming with dolphins and snorkeling in a coral reef. There will be the chance to watch whales, tropical fish and Green Sea Turtles. These tours along with refreshments, snorkeling equipment and instruction. Night cruises are also very famous. Setting off in moment to view the sunset, you could sail in comfort and gaze at the stars. The trip is even much ideal if it coincides with an eclipse or a meteor shower. These trips stays for a few hours and include dinner and drinks.

Refreshing activities in Hawaii

Horseback riding is another hobby that could be easily incorporated with a vacation in Hawaii. It’s a terrific way to watch the scenery and get off the beaten track where you might see mountains, forests, tropical orchards or out of the way beaches. Riding groups are small and beginners are provided for. The horses are well trained and instruction is given.

Sea kayaking in summer or winter is a refreshing sport. As an activity in Hawaii, it also affords chances to watch wildlife, secluded sea caves and beaches. In winter, you might view the magnificent Humpback Whales. Surfing is another preferred pastime here and lessons for long board or short board are accessible from qualified staff.

My Name is Arammat Drof, I caught the travel bug many years ago when I was just 16 years old. I now travel the world earning a living writing about the places I visit. If you enjoyed this article take a peek at another article I have written about The Amalfi Coast


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