Barranco del Infierno


Barranco del Infierno. Translated as Hell’s Gorge, it can be found in the southern town of Adeje. Heralded as the deepest ravine in the Canaries, this walk will take you about three hours there and back. It’s breath-taking in more than one sense! It’s by no means a difficult or hazardous walk for anyone in normal health as you as you are careful and watch where you are going (just don’t wear flip-flops!). The mouth of the ravine is as you would expect in the dry south of the island: sparse rock faces littered with giant cacti and hardy plants. But as you make your way further inland the walls of the ravine grow narrower and higher (almost vertical) around you, the temperature grows cooler (in some parts daylight hardly penetrates) and everything suddenly goes green! The unexpected appearance of mass vegetation here is due to the abundance of water in this small area, and indeed the walk culminates in a waterfall – it may not rival Niagara, but it is a rare sight in these dry volcanic islands!

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