Diving while travelling – what to know

Advanced Diving Skills for travellers

And if you want to further your skills and experience on scuba diving, then you can always choose to improve yourself and increase your knowledge. It is always a matter of choosing to be excellent and have that drive to have the effort to seek better ways of doing things.

Given that you’re really interested on scuba diving, and you already have known the basics, then you already go and proceed to the advanced skills only a few know of. It is an edge over others but don’t do this to gain that advantage – that is only a bonus. What is more important is that you choose to be excellent in this field and you want to make yourself better at it.

Going into the advanced skills of diving, neutral buoyancy is one major thing you need to master. You have to have that buoyancy control.
You can also try to learn the ropes. Ropes actually come useful when you are diving and penetrating in wrecks. Knowing how to use the ropes in the right situations will help you succeed and explore more of what you want to see.


You also have to learn the anti-silt techniques, which you will find eventually of big help. Silt, composed of decaying vegetation or clay, causes the area to be blurry and nearly invisible. It actually poses a threat and a hazard to divers as it greatly affects the visibility of the area. What you must know is the right fin to do once you see yourself in a similar situation.

And what if you are trapped in a closed space underwater, in a part of a wreck perhaps? That’s surely a big trouble. You also have to master “the art of escape” – what is the right thing to do and when is the right time to do it.

Of course, nobody says you should master all these things overnight. It is to challenge you to break beyond the basics and learn something new for yourself. With constant hard work, you can become a master of scuba diving.

And of course, you can be a better scuba diver if you read more of these things.

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