Erectile dysfunction – it can affect anyone

The fear is in every man that his limb will fail in the act of love. In fact, a great many men are affected by it. Not infrequently, this erectile dysfunction comes from the following causes.

Psychological problems from childhood, for example through insecurity and fear of failure. Also the interruption of the arousal process and if one cannot process stress and also in the by blood circulation disturbances which occur particularly in the age.

About erectile dysfunction and also what has to do with sex is a taboo topic for many men, they don’t like to talk about it, especially if they suffer from this problem. They are ashamed of their erectile dysfunction and the possible impotence.

However, nowadays it has become more relaxed and the possibilities to do something about it have become easier, because erectile dysfunction is a disease that can be treated. The earlier it is recognized and treated, the more chances there are of a cure and the fewer symptoms such as depression and more there are. The possibility that this could lead to depression cannot be ruled out, because no man can escape it without psychological stress.

Nobody can absolve himself of it, it can affect young men and also older ones, mostly it has physical causes and can be treated.

There are several different erectile dysfunctions which are named differently and which are also recognized differently. To one the potency, which is exerted by increased desire and the extreme lust for sex. Here, no sex is required, but only a sexual thought, which can lead to erection and ejaculation. Then there is impotence, where the erection is missing, but which is also defined as being unable to procreate, condemned by previous illnesses.

There is also partial impotence, where certain external conditions are necessary for the man to be able to stop his penis, and premature and too fast ejaculation, where there is a lack of stamina and the penis stands quickly, but for this reason it also quickly becomes flaccid.
However, this can be treated well and get harder erections positively with natural means and by training and exercises.

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