Four Fascinating things to do in Atlanta GA

Whether you are a frequenter or going to Atlanta for the very first time you need to have an idea of what to do once you get there. In this editorial are four fascinating places to visit and things to do in Atlanta GA, read on to discover!

  1. Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Want to get a chance to see art at its best? Then among the things to do in Atlanta GA this month, is to visit Atlanta dogwood festival. This is because the festival offers an opportunity for attendees to view and peruse the handmade sculpture, pottery, jewelry, paintings and many more. Moreover the three-day festival also gives people the chance to hear live music from blues and pop artist, as well as live jam bands. The full schedule of entertainment and music will be announced soon. Furthermore, there is food in plenty, a wide array of delicacies; gyros, crab cakes, kettle corns and much more.

  1. World of Coca Cola

For a more wonderful experience in Atlanta GA, visit the world’s largest and most famous beverage brand at the World of Coca Cola. Located next to the Georgia aquarium at Pemberton place in downtown Atlanta, World of Coca Cola offers a wide variety of entertainment options and attractions. There you will get to see over 100 coca cola artifacts and memories. What’s more is that, in there you will get the opportunity to see the bottling process, watch a 6-minute film of people of different cultures from all over the world celebrating some of the most memorable moments with coca cola, learn the interesting history of coca cola including the secret recipe and formula behind this famous beverage.



  1. Ebenezer Baptist Church of Atlanta
  2. Piedmont Park

Other than history, religion, festival and exhibitions, Piedmont Park has something unique you will really love! And that is a place to relax and spend a lazy afternoon. If you are looking for a place to have a picnic, piedmont park is just one perfect place for you! At this park, you will get everything you need. Be it fishing, swimming, fitness, biking, basketball, volleyball, park tours, skating, playgrounds food and beverage name it, all of these are available at the piedmont park. Whatever it is you want to do on one lazy afternoon just visit Piedmont Park, thank me later.

The four fascinating places have several things to do in Atlanta GA, visit any or all of them for a wonderful experience of your life. You can go for a picnic, refreshments, watch live bands and music performance from your favorite artists as well as seeing art of various kinds; photography, paintings, pottery and much, much more!

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