Last Minute Travel Tips To China

For a lot of people, it is a strange experience to visit this wonderful country of China because of its unique culture and language, especially if you are used to the Western culture. Here are some last minute travel tips that can make your trip memorable and worth your while.

First, the Chinese government is very strict with books, magazines and music coming in to the country. They implement a very strict ban to things that may affect the Chinese society when it comes to their culture. Be careful with the readings that you bring in.

Travel Tips To China

Secondly, if you do not know how to speak Chinese, prepare a printed or written copy of the name and address of your hotel. This will ensure that the taxi driver can bring you to the right destination.

Thirdly and importantly, it is best to book in larger hotels because they are more likely to have English speaking staff who can guide you in your stay in China. They also offer assistance in money changing which will help you save time rather than opening a bank account. Once you are well-rested, you may want to ask for directions for ATM machines in or near the hotel, that way, you know where you can access your money safely. This is very important if you are going to visit provinces.

Equip yourself with a comprehensive first aid travel kit (with a reliable pain killer, diarrhea tablets, rehydration pills, etc.). Always bring a bottled water (make sure you know where the water is from) at all times. A good travel guide will also be of great help.

Keep your valuables safe and always close to your body. You will never know when a pickpocket will hit you. There are many reports of these at street markets, railway terminals and other crowded areas. If you do not know how to speak Chinese yet, hire an interpreter who can accompany you during your trips. He or she must be someone from the city who can guide you to places where you want to go to such as popular tourists’ sites, souvenir shops, museums and others. If you are going to stay in Beijing, English signage is available to make navigation easier. But if you are planning to go to provinces, bring an interpreter with you. You may also want to travel by train to make your trip more comfortable, faster, reliable and safe.

Check your service provider If they can still offer service even while you are in China. In case it might be difficult, as your hotel for assistance. It is best to take note of important numbers you can choose while you are in china such as: 114- directory assistance, 110- police, 120- ambulance or medical assistance. Calls to these numbers are free for the whole duration of your stay in China.

Most importantly, make sure that you bring with you a lot of patience to deal with Chinese speaking people, not so many Chinese are used to speaking English.

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