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Are you looking for an exclusive tour with your family or friends? Are you bored with the mainstream vacation or tour packages? This is the time of the month when the weather of Spain is most favorable, and you will enjoy the visit to most of the places. But, it is very hard to get a package where you will enjoy the tour as well as it will also be worth the money you will be spending on it. While choosing the vacation, it becomes very hard to choose a particular place where you will get all the things like restaurants, bakeries, shopping malls as well as beautiful sights. If you are very confused and in a whole dilemma to choose a particular place, then the Tenerife Host is here to help you out. They are offering one of the best group tours by coach all over the island you will find. They are a company who are offering you the best offers on the popular places like Siam Park, Loro Parque and exciting trips on boats, hiking, Tenerife trips & much more. The primary focus of them is the satisfaction of the clients, and they are expert as well as experienced in handling their customers and provide them with the best possible offers ever.


About the Tenerife Island

The Tenerife Host is offering a lot of packages on traveling the Tenerife Island of Canary Island, Spain. The Tenerife is the largest of the other islands of Canary Island which are mainly a volcanic island, and it has some of the best sights you will ever enjoy. The climate and flora and fauna of this place are perfect for tours and vacations. If you are still not convinced for taking their tour service, then you should read the fun packages they offer on this island.

The packages Tenerife Host offers

They offer varieties of packages, for example, private tours, motorsports, bus sightseeing, trekking, hiking, car tour, boat trips, air travel, motorbike tour, water sports, amusement park tickets, bicycle rent, fishing tour, different shows and entertainment. They offer entry ticket at a very affordable price of 10 € in the amusement parks, for example, jungle parks, Loro Parque, Siam Park, etc. The motorbike and bicycle tour start from 5€ where you will take a trip to the island by renting the motorbike or bicycle from them. Bus sightseeing is a very exciting one which is 25€ in the price where you will be guided by the best tour guide see everything in the Tenerife island. There are shows and events like Flamenco show, Castle San Miguel show, etc. at a price of 49€. The paragliding and helicopter tours are around 89€ in the price where you will be amazed to see the breathtaking beauty of the island from high above the ground. Fishing tours are best for the people who love fishing, and it starts from 69€. We can guarantee you that the trekking and hiking tours are the best one, and it costs 35€. They offer discounts if you travel in a group. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag and enjoy your vacation this year in the serene beauty of Tenerife.

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What’s happening party people, I just wanted to tell everyone about my recent trip, it was surprising to see that this is one of the most gay friendly destinations that I have ever seen, you can just search for “puerto vallarta gay rental ”. I am from El Salvador, so growing up there I had a perception of the Latin mentality towards gay people so I can definitely say that I was really happy to see that all that ignorance towards homosexuality that I was brought up in, is definitely gone. At least from what I saw in Mexico, lol.

Puerto Vallarta Villas

When I decided to take my girlfriend to Puerto Vallarta for some R&R on the beach, I never expected to see a whole section of the city to be Gay oriented. One of the first places we visited was an area in the old town called “La Zona Romantica” This place is beautiful, it has that type of old school architecture with the red clay roofs and white walls, most of the business in this area are directed towards the gay community and most are even gay owned. While having lunch we met a couple from Vancouver John and Mike these guys were mad cool and we made friends right away. John had surprised mike with a trip to Mexico for his birthday and he got a Puerto Vallarta Villas for the week. We went over to their place for afternoon drinks and man was I jealous, they were staying at one of the most beautiful homes that I had ever seen, this gorgeous villa on a mountain with one of those pools that looks like it goes over the edge of the mountain. And the view, man it was sick, you could see the city and the beach in the background. Their bedroom was on the top floor and their view was just ridiculous, some of our best pictures came from their view. Also because they were at a higher altitude they had this really nice breeze that went through the whole place. Believe me, next time we go I’m definitely staying at this place, it’s something like or something like that, if you look it up I’m sure you’ll find it.

Anyway we hung out with them, went into town and had dinner on the rooftop of this gay hotel in the old town, awesome dinner wicked time and we even ended up going to a gay bar for dancing, we had a really good time and met tons of people from all over the world.

All to say that I truly recommend a Puerto Vallarta Villas to everyone out there; the beach is absolutely gorgeous, white sand and nice warm water, the town is really great every meal we eat was excellent which is a rarity when you travel and we made a lot of great friends. For all gay people, this is your ideal vacation destination, I saw offers for Gay boat tours, there are a lot of gay bars/restaurants and I even heard that there is a gay beach, so I am sure that you will enjoy yourself.

And for all the couples out there, I can tell you that this worked out great for us, my girlfriend and I really enjoyed ourselves and we got to do all the fun things we wanted to do, I just wished I could of traded my small claustrophobic hotel room for John’s Villa, but I definitely will the next time.


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There are many festivals, events and conventions around which you may want to build your trip.  You’ll want to be aware of hurricane season, which runs from the beginning of June through November.   If you’re scheduling your trip well in advance, be aware that a hurricane can upset your plans, so you will want to be sure your flights, deposits, etc. are refundable, as best you can.

New Orleans has a subtropical climate, so if you do not do well in heat and humidity, you will want to plan your visit for the late fall and through the winter and spring, avoiding May through August.  Because it’s so much more convenient and often necessary to walk around the town, versus driving or taking a cab, it’s almost impossible to have a good experience of New Orleans while staying out of the heat and humidity in the summer.  Many buildings are air conditioned, but several of the places you will visit are open-air, so you’ll be subjected to the humidity even when indoors.

Visit New Orleans

It’s important to note that even though New Orleans’ climate is strongly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico, the city is not on the coast.  There are lakes and sounds within an hour’s drive, but the main weather influences, which come up from the Gulf can make landfall more than 80 miles south of the city.

Mardi Gras is one of the main festivals that draws visitors, and the entire Mardi Gras season is weeks long.  The season begins on 12th night (January 6th) and ends with Fat Tuesday (the Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday).  Parades begin a couple of weeks prior to Fat Tuesday, so if you want to experience the festivities but not get overwhelmed with crowds and revelry, you will want to schedule your visit for the very beginning of the parade season.  The parade schedule is available online after the first of the year.

If you want to come to New Orleans for a specific festival or holiday, or if you want to avoid the crowds and stay away from particularly popular times, you’ll want to check the schedule of events here in order to plan the dates of your visit.

Whether you’re looking forward to enjoying music, cuisine, art, history or sports, you will find perfect times to visit New Orleans to indulge your passion.


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You’ll want to decide whether you are going to fly or drive to New Orleans.  If you fly, you will need to decide if you want to rent a car once you’re there.  New Orleans is not a particularly car-friendly city, so unless you’ll be driving in or will be visiting far-flung locations that are not feasible for streetcar, cab or tour bus transportation, you’ll probably want to forgo the car.  If you’re thinking about driving, you’ll want to see how much time you have to visit plantations, casinos, and other attractions that are en route to the City.  If you can take a day or two traveling to and from New Orleans, you can explore a lot of surrounding area, and it will be worth your while to have a car with you.

Getting to New Orleans


The Louis Armstrong Airport (code MSY) is not in New Orleans proper.  It’s about 15 miles away in Kenner.  A cab ride to the heart of New Orleans takes about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs $33 for the first passenger (plus tip).

There is a more economical shuttle service going from the airport about every 30 minutes for $20 one way, or $38 for a round-trip ticket.

Town cars are also available, and of course you may choose to rent a car.  The downside to renting a car is detailed below in the “driving” section.

Hotels generally do not have shuttle services, but you may want to check with your hotels of choice and see if any do provide transportation.  It could easily swing your vote one way or the other, if you’re on the fence regarding a few different hotels.

The main advantage to flying in and taking a cab or shuttle to town is that you will not have to worry about garaging your vehicle, which can be an expensive proposition.  Unless you’re planning on going somewhere that requires you drive, it’s best to enjoy New Orleans without a vehicle to tie you down.


If you’re driving into New Orleans, you’ll find the main thoroughfares easy enough to navigate.  Watch out for one way streets and tiny cross roads.  If you drive into the French Quarter, be aware that Bourbon Street is blocked off to vehicular traffic in the evenings.  All of the streets in the French Quarter and Central Business District are very narrow.  The exception is Canal Street, which divides the two sections of town and is quite wide.

Construction in the Central Business District and on the main roads is not at all uncommon.  If any buildings in the French Quarter are undergoing renovation, it’s quite likely the dumpsters and any necessary equipment supporting the renovation will be in the street, further congesting the area.  If you will be driving around the town, be prepared to allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, watch out for pedestrians, and have patience.  You’ll need it.  Take the opportunity to do as much people-watching as you can, and the time will not be wasted.

When you arrive at your destination, you will likely have to use the valet, and almost definitely will need to pay to park.  Depending on your location, the cost will range from $5 or $10 for the evening to $20 – $30 or more for overnight garaging.  Most parking lots do not allow in-and-out privileges, unless you’re staying at the hotel associated with them.



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Las Cañadas del Teide

Las Cañadas del Teide. Rising up through the ever-changing landscape, via barren lava flows from the south or steep green valleys from the north, you will pass through banana plantations (you can’t miss them, they’re everywhere!) and pine forests, and all roads ultimately arrive at the stunning national park of ‘Las Cañadas del Teide’ (Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Mad Max, One Million Years B.C. – a few of the many films that were partly shot here). The national park is a breath-taking array of lava-born rocks of different shapes, sizes and colours, volcanic cones and craters spread over a vast area, all at an altitude of around 2000 metres. Rising up as the centerpiece of this other-worldly scenario is the volcano Mount Teide itself which, at 3718 metres (12,199 ft), is the highest mountain in all of Spain. In clear weather you can see the entire Canarian archipelago from the summit (accessible by cable car only, which doesn’t work when it’s icy or windy). All in all a truly mesmerizing place and one which every visitor to Tenerife must see! 

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Barranco del Infierno. Translated as Hell’s Gorge, it can be found in the southern town of Adeje. Heralded as the deepest ravine in the Canaries, this walk will take you about three hours there and back. It’s breath-taking in more than one sense! It’s by no means a difficult or hazardous walk for anyone in normal health as you as you are careful and watch where you are going (just don’t wear flip-flops!). The mouth of the ravine is as you would expect in the dry south of the island: sparse rock faces littered with giant cacti and hardy plants. But as you make your way further inland the walls of the ravine grow narrower and higher (almost vertical) around you, the temperature grows cooler (in some parts daylight hardly penetrates) and everything suddenly goes green! The unexpected appearance of mass vegetation here is due to the abundance of water in this small area, and indeed the walk culminates in a waterfall – it may not rival Niagara, but it is a rare sight in these dry volcanic islands!

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Coworking in the Sun has opened this year in Puerto de la Cruz. It is a business which is focused on offering affordable work locations for travelers and digital nomads. Here, coworkers will be able to meet like-minded people from all over the world, which presents opportunities for networking. It is also a suitable location to explore the rest of the island, which offers such a wide variety of landscapes to explore, also to practice your Spanish!

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Anaga Mountains

In the east beyond Santa Cruz the Anaga mountains fill the north east corner of Tenerife. The Anaga coastline is one of inaccessible cliffs and jutting rocks. Older than the island’s central mountain range, the mountains are an awe-inspiring collection of volcanic peaks providing fantastic views of the north coast. Hidden in the folds of the mountain range and often barely accessible by roads, you can still find villages where people live in adapted caves, where the ancestors of modern-day Canarios once lived. You can really get away from it all here! 

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