Snazzy Stuttgart – a fine city indeed!

Very few places in the world capture the imagination like Stuttgart city. One of the most beloved cities of Baden-Württemberg.

The city has a growing population of well over 0.5 million, the wider region has close to 2.7 million inhabitants. Many young professionals choose to live here because of the abundance of jobs in high tech industries.livinginstuttgart

If you feel like this could be the city for you, you will want to check out the living in stuttgart blog. There are many articles on all the different activities which you can do there. Some will be more group related activities for people who are more extroverted and social. Others will be for more solo ‘lone wolf’ type characters.

Stuttgart has been one of the most welcoming cities for the recent Syrian refugees and many people have volunteered to take these people into their homes or have donated food or water.

In the surrounding area there are many opportunities to do hiking and other fun activities. There are many types of fine foods which can be eaten hear including the traditional German types and more exotic foods. 

The climate is not something to be envied or admired, it is fairly temperate all year rounds but can get quite cold in the winter, certainly different to Spain. 

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