What’s the Best Time to Visit New Orleans?

There are many festivals, events and conventions around which you may want to build your trip.  You’ll want to be aware of hurricane season, which runs from the beginning of June through November.   If you’re scheduling your trip well in advance, be aware that a hurricane can upset your plans, so you will want to be sure your flights, deposits, etc. are refundable, as best you can.

New Orleans has a subtropical climate, so if you do not do well in heat and humidity, you will want to plan your visit for the late fall and through the winter and spring, avoiding May through August.  Because it’s so much more convenient and often necessary to walk around the town, versus driving or taking a cab, it’s almost impossible to have a good experience of New Orleans while staying out of the heat and humidity in the summer.  Many buildings are air conditioned, but several of the places you will visit are open-air, so you’ll be subjected to the humidity even when indoors.

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It’s important to note that even though New Orleans’ climate is strongly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico, the city is not on the coast.  There are lakes and sounds within an hour’s drive, but the main weather influences, which come up from the Gulf can make landfall more than 80 miles south of the city.

Mardi Gras is one of the main festivals that draws visitors, and the entire Mardi Gras season is weeks long.  The season begins on 12th night (January 6th) and ends with Fat Tuesday (the Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday).  Parades begin a couple of weeks prior to Fat Tuesday, so if you want to experience the festivities but not get overwhelmed with crowds and revelry, you will want to schedule your visit for the very beginning of the parade season.  The parade schedule is available online after the first of the year.

If you want to come to New Orleans for a specific festival or holiday, or if you want to avoid the crowds and stay away from particularly popular times, you’ll want to check the schedule of events here in order to plan the dates of your visit.

Whether you’re looking forward to enjoying music, cuisine, art, history or sports, you will find perfect times to visit New Orleans to indulge your passion.


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