Experience Good Bars, Good Restaurants, and Good Music to Hear In Anchorage Alaska

I applied to the University of Alaska Anchorage on a whim. To tell you the truth, I never thought about what I would do if I got in. Anchorage Alaska was not on my short list of possible places to live. Don’t get me wrong – I had always wanted to visit Anchorage Alaska. I knew that it was supposed to be a beautiful city in a beautiful state. Everyone I know who has gone to Alaska has returned talking about how lovely it is. I had eventually wanted to take an Anchorage vacation trip or tour, but I had never thought about spending four years of my life there.

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Nevertheless, life has a way of defying your expectations. I did not get into any of my top choice schools, and I started to really seriously consider Anchorage Alaska. I didn’t know very much about Alaska. Everyone pictures it as wild, desolate, and freezing cold – something that is true for most of the state. However, Alaska is huge and it has many different climates. Anchorage Alaska is actually quite mild. You see, it gets very good ocean currents, which help to keep it warm and comfortable all year round. Don’t get me wrong – it still gets cold, but not the bitter dangerous cold of the Alaskan interior.

Anchorage is a happening town

When I went to Anchorage Alaska, I was surprised to see house hospitable it was. I knew already that the anchorage Alaska population was substantial, so I wasn’t surprised to see people there, but I expected it to be a much more backward town that really was. There are good bars, good restaurants, and good music to hear. Whatever you say about other parts of Alaska, Anchorage is a happening town.

I was so excited about seeing that city that I even started to contemplate buying Anchorage real estate. It is pretty easy to find affordable housing in Anchorage Alaska. You see, it is so remote and so dark for much of the year that many people leave it as soon as they can. People are always happy to see new folks move into Anchorage Alaska. Alaskans have a lot of civic pride, and they like to see their cities strengthened by the addition of new members. I was so struck, in fact, by the hospitality of people there that I decided to move to Anchorage Alaska. I am going there this fall, and I’m looking forward to the start of my first semester.

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